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The beautiful town of Bury, known for its open air market. Also for being the last stop of the tram line. And probably you don’t know this but the black pudding is originally from here. Sir Robert Peel who was prime minister of UK used to live in Bury.

Now Bury will be known for one more thing, and that is the service that we provide for its residents. No Bury resident will be cold again. Because the ABS Plumbing and Heating team will make sure your boilers and heaters are working properly. If they are not, we will sort them out. And after we have been to your house or business your life at Bury will only be better and safer. We provide all Burry residents with our 24 hour emergency service and we guarantee the best professional service. Need help this winter? Call us today on 0161 300 6670

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